Definition Essay on Love

Definition Essay on Love

How to Write Definition Essay on Love

There are numerous ways to write definition essay on love just as there are numerous kinds of love. In writing an introduction to a definition essay on love, you must provide your intended reader a clear idea of what precisely your essay is all about. You can define love through its conventional meaning or define its scientific process such as the complex brain chemistry, the kinds of love relationships, the psychological characteristics (both pros and cons) or according on the length of essay you need to write. Definitely, if you just need to write a 450 word definition essay on love, you can choose to get a more personal perspective on its definitions or build a short interpretation than an accurate one.

Scientific journals and academic writings written on love are among the best resources to refer your data regarding the emotional instinct, desire and result. Certainly you can get some data from the World Wide Web just be wary on the accuracy of your information. There are numerous content online that might not be factual and some even falsely claim to be backed up with research.

The kinds of love that a person could feel are a remarkable subject to discuss in writing a definition essay on love. A good definition essay can define these subjects in separately or generally. Either has the potency to be of high interest. Here are the most usual types of love people often feel.

  • Romantic – the type of love that is often sexual because of marriage
  • Platonic – brotherly or sisterly love. Not same level with romantic but higher and deeper than friendship
  • Compassionate – the type of love that is expressed by people who don’t even know each other
  • Unconditional – also known as familial love since this is the kind of love between child and parents, between sisters and relatives

It all comes up to interpersonal feelings and emotions which you can use to write effectively a definition essay on love. Generally, a piece of writing about love can be twisted in forms that it is no so conventional. Just like any emotions felt by humans, love is very dynamic. You can try to focus on hate or lust as negative aspects of love. The main distinctions between love and lust are another great topic for your definition essay on love. Emotional aspects that surround love are also strong topics to discuss. Avoid including too much information in the content of your essay. Select which areas you could deeply elaborate and then focus on these aspects.

Be careful in researching your topics to focus for your definition essay on love. Love has numerous subjects and can be emotional or scientific in nature; just remember that you need to keep your essay interesting, interesting and concise.

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